All Time Low + Lower Than Atlantis + The Summer Set @ Rock City, Nottingham – 11th February 2013


Review by Rachel Sloper

The tone for the evening was abruptly set by the appearance of signs around the main bar, declaring that no alcohol will be served tonight, as it is an under 18’s show. The sold-out gig was packed with parents steering their teenagers away from the merch-booth and the mosh pits, but given tonight’s headliners, this was not surprising.

First up was Arizona pop-rock quintet, The Summer Set. Light-hearted, catchy choruses proved a great warm up for the swelling crowd.

Hertfordshire-based Lower Than Atlantis were met with deafening screams. They thrashed through a high-energy set, laced with tongue-in-cheek banter and inspirational pep-talks between songs.

By the time All Time Low appeared, the audience had already reached the height of anticipation, as they chanted and screamed for a glimpse of their idols. Throughout the set, lead guitarist Jack Barakat, (clad in a t-shirt that read: ‘boner’ across the chest) collected the abundance of bras launched at the stage and hung them on his mic-stand for the duration.

Overall All Time Low put on a tight performance with close to flawless vocals provided by frontman, Alex Gaskarth.

The set list included and eclectic mix of songs from the band’s back catalogue and a fair few from the latest album, Don’t Panic. A striking example of this was the inclusion of ‘Jasey Rae’, from their 2006 EP, Put Up Or Shut Up. This was surprisingly well met by the young audience.

The smash-hit ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’ saw the 2000-strong crowd jumping in unison before devolving into complete chaos, whilst Gaskarth managed to maintain a vocal performance with just as much clarity as his acoustic MTV performances.

The band slowed things down with a chilling, emotive rendition of their 2007 hit, ‘Remembering Sunday’. The musical arrangement differed live from their studio version, and was almost more theatrical than the original.

‘Backseat Serenade’ and ‘Time-Bomb’ brought the set to a close on a high. Fans were left screaming for their idols as ATL left the crowd in a state of hysteria.

The lengthy encore was a huge crowd-pleaser, as they whipped up three of their greatest hits. ‘The Reckless and The Brave’ and ‘Weightless’ got the fans dancing again. The finale saw the show off with a lively rendition of ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ from the 2007 album, So Wrong, It’s Right.

Set List: Somewhere In Neverland, Forget About It, For Baltimore, Heroes, Stella, If These Sheets Were States, Jasey Rae, Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t), Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Remembering Sunday, Therapy, Lost In Stereo, Backseat Serenade, Time-Bomb.

Encore:  The Reckless and The Brave, Weightless, Dear Maria Count Me In.