All lights on Amber for new Alunah EP


Precious Gold…

Anyone yet to hear new Alunah singer Siân Greenway has now got the chance to do exactly that, writes Paul Castles. Amber & Gold is the Midlands based doom quartet’s forthcoming self-released EP.

Out on November 16, Alunah bassist Dan Burchmore says: “Siân joining the band really opened up the potential for how our sound could change. She already had some idea of the direction her lyrical themes would take us, and that helped when we were constructing the songs.

“When it came to writing for the EP we wanted to capitalise on that, so when we were in the studio it was important that the different nuances and new energy of the songs could be heard clearly and that Siân was putting her stamp on this new definition of Alunah”

Amber & Gold shows the band progressing and expanding their music once more. Embracing the dynamic vocals of Siân and infusing them within the doom hard rock style that they are now known for – both preserving and enhancing the ethereal magic of their earlier work.

Alunah play at the Asylum2 on Saturday 17 November with Witchsorrow.

You can pre-order Amber & Gold here and listen to the title track here.