Agents of Chaos – Volume One EP


Review by Andy Boden

Seattle four piece Agents Of Chaos issued their independently financed and released EP Volume One several months ago, but it’s taken a while to find its way to these shores. Powerful, melodic and heavy, the EP sets about showing the different aspects of their style, ranging from the full-on, in your face hard rock, to melancholic, more introspective songs.

‘Face Down’ has a very definite Slash/Velvet Revolver feel to it, with its dirty riffs and sexy pinches, draped with Jake McCoys classy vocal, very much in the style of Scott Weiland. ‘Cold War’ is a Metallica-tinged hard rocker, think a ramped-up Sad But True and you get an idea. ‘Window Pain’ changes the tempo with a blusier, more soulful effort. ‘Damage’ steps it back up a gear, again with a ‘tallica-tinge but gladly suffers not for it. The EP closes with ‘One Last Look’ and brings together many of the distinct elements the Agents Of Chaos experience – a grinding, chuggy 70’s backdrop to a grungey vocal overlay, perhaps lacking the killer riffs to hang off the breakdown, but still hard and heavy and not at all out of place. 

I have to say, I am really quite taken by these guys. Perhaps a few more Zakk Wylde riffs to break the tracks up wouldn’t go amiss, but all in all, a darn fine EP that showcases their songwriting skills and musical aptitude really well. Nothing controversial here, but certainly a band who I would travel (a sensible) distance to see live.

Rating 7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

01 Face Down

02 Cold War

03 Window Pain

04 Damage

05 One Last Look