Age of Taurus – Desperate Souls of Tortured Times


Review by Jason Guest

Rise Above Records

The début album from Age of Taurus comes to light three years after their impressive 2010 demo, In The Days of the Taurean Empire, and it’s apparent that those three years have been very well spent because this is remarkable. The usual influential suspects are there of course, yet Age of Taurus have managed to make this sound much more original than those that are happy to create no more than mere homage. Opening track ‘A Rush Of Power’ is worth the asking price alone, it’s colossal riffs, harmony guitar parts, NWOBHM-infused coda and lead break, slab-smashing drums, and Toby W. Wright’s rising vocal line and cool choruses are all magnificent. While the first track is faster than your usual doom, ‘Sinking City’ drags the tempo down and Age of Taurus go at it with the power of the humankind-crushing Gods that they sing of. And from the lead-booted stomp of ‘Always in the Eye’ through the doleful ‘Walk With Me My Queen’ and into the incredible title track, the album just gets better and better. With Bruce’s bass shining its low-end light in ‘Embrace The Stone’ and Wright screaming “Die!” just before the lead break that finishes off ‘The Bull And The Bear’, Desperate Souls of Tortured Times comes to an immense close.

You know when your stereo is nowhere near loud enough? That’s this album from start to finish. There’s little to fault with this. This is just incredible. And the sound is un-fucking-believably heavy. Buy it, take it home, open all the windows and doors, crank the volume as high as it’ll go, and then watch the world disintegrate in just 43 minutes.

Age of Taurus – Desperate Souls of Tortured Times8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. A Rush Of Power
  2. Sinking City
  3. Always In The Eye
  4. Walk With Me My Queen
  5. Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times
  6. Embrace The Stone
  7. The Bull And The Bear



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