Afterlife – Masters of Reality EP


Review by Kristian Pugh

Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Release Date: 31 March 2014

What have we come to expect from the modern day EP? If it’s a bands first release we expect a taste of what’s to come; if it’s not we’re expecting it to be a glimpse of where their music is at at that point. Masters of Reality by Scottish five-piece Afterlife is neither. Instead it’s an EP that says ‘look how good this song is (‘Masters of Reality’) and here’s another three that will get your blood twisting’.

The EP opens with the aforementioned ‘Masters of Reality’ taken from the band’s debut album Omega but it’s still a joy to listen to and Pete McCoy’s unforgettable vocal performance throughout the track will live long in the memory of most who listen to the song.  We then get treated to the 2014 mix of ‘300’ which was first heard on Afterlife’s debut EP Alpha somehow the latest mix manages to crank up the already majestic sounding riffs by lead guitarist Al Reilly and co.

Unbelievably it’s after this that the Masters of Reality really begins. The live and acoustic rendition of ‘Never Fade’ is everything you could want from an acoustic song and the fact that it’s a live recording is crystal clear proof that Afterlife can bring their talents to the stage away from the recording studio and shows us just why they have been deemed good enough to support bands such as Thin Lizzy and Bonafide in their short but so far very promising career.

‘The Answer’ in its 2012 demo form is the closing song to the EP and is an example of how good Afterlife were even back in their raw days of 2012, it’s probably their stand out song that shows off their ability to pick up and slow down the pace of a rock song and the perfect times. Masters of Reality brings something new to the table for those who are already aware of Afterlife’s brilliance and is absolutely certain to hook in newcomers.

Afterlife – Masters of Reality EP8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Masters of Reality
  2. 300 (2014 remix)
  3. Never Fade (Acoustic & Live performance)
  4. The Answer (2012 Demo version)


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