Addie Brik – That Dog Don’t Hunt


Schooled by Allen Ginsberg, and given the Peter Gabriel seal approval, Addie Brik is a singer/songwriter very much in the ascendancy. Recorded with a stellar cast, her latest album, That Dog Don’t Hunt is a deep and meaningful opus that should firmly ensconce Addie in the public’s consciousness.

The brief, discordant introduction to opening shot ‘The First Odd Prime’ should tell you this isn’t going to be any ordinary listen, and you’d be quite right. It’s a multi-layered affair with so much going on it might have you feeling a little disorientated (but in the best possible way, of course). With sound pinging from the speakers in every direction, your ears will be moving involuntarily, like those of a cat that’s attuned to strange frequencies. That Dog Don’t Hunt is the type of album that’ll reward repeat plays, as subtle nuances buried deep in the mix bubble to the surface on successive spins. In the case of ‘The First Odd Prime’, some spoken words, barely decipherable, add an air of intrigue and force the listener to infer their own meaning.

After the dense opener, ‘Retromingent’ is sparser, it’s akin to stepping into a bright meadow from inside a thick woodland, yet despite the sonic shift, these two tracks bleed together very well. Addie Brik has such a versatile voice that lazy comparisons could be drawn to Kate Bush, but that’d be unfair to both because Addie is definitely rocking a unique vibe. With an elastic voice that stretches words to unbelievable lengths, and a wonderful sense of phrasing, Addie gives familiar appellation whole new meaning. Therefore, That Dog Don’t Hunt isn’t the kind of album you put on as background music, it demands your participation as you unravel the trail of clues Addie and band leave.

Originally from Georgia, Addie now resides in Scotland and it’s an environment that has informed much of That Dog Don’t Hunt. Reminding me of latter-day Talk Talk, this record wraps itself up in nature’s cloak; luscious greens, rustic reds and burnt yellows are the pallete from which tracks such as ‘Posy’ are painted. But this is an album that revels in its own diversity, and with no two tracks inhabiting the same sonic space That Dog Don’t Hunt is a kaleidoscopic experience that flits from the country themed title-track to the pure pop sensibility of ‘Gearless’, yet it flows like a river of silk. Lyrically too, Addie’s words are the equivalent of a collage, but they fit together as a series of interconnected cogs.

An (almost) instrumental reprise of ‘Don’t Touch The Pitch’ makes for a haunting closer, with “haunting” being the optimum word. There’s something about That Dog Don’t Hunt that ingratiates itself into your very psyche, which means that as soon as ‘Don’t Touch That Pitch’ has faded into the ether, you’ll be hitting “play” again.

  • That Dog Don’t Hunt is released via Itza Records on 25th November 2022.
  • Official Website

Track List:

  1. The First Odd Prime
  2. Retromingent
  3. Don’t Touch The Pitch
  4. Posy
  5. That Dog Don’t Hunt
  6. Gearless
  7. Don’t Touch The Pitch (Reprise)


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