Adaestuo – Tacent Semitae


An exceptional debut…

Released by W.T.C.Productions (Facebook; website) on 11 November 2016

The esoteric, the spiritual, the otherworldly and the mystical carries much weight in the underground. With band after band delving deeper and deeper into the divinities that only the darkness can divulge, it could be said that it’s reached saturation point and that what many a band is producing is nothing more than style more than substance, a stream of convincing but shallow evocations of what has become easy to duplicate. Then newcomers Adaestuo appear and deliver their debut mini album.

Formed as a “covenant between three wandering souls at the unhallowed crossroads where the darkest elements of ambient, black metal, and spiritual praxis conjoin”, the four tracks that make up Tacent Semitae are captivating and chilling. With two tracks of intense and cacophonic ire and two of ambient disquiet, in 21 minutes, the forces of darkness are manifest in frenzied riffs, thundering drums, a haunting operatic female vocal juxtaposed with a menacingly baleful scowl, and a host of disconcerting sound effects. The result is an outstanding mini album that leaves the band to face their next challenge: a full length album. If Tacent Semitae is an indication of what’s to come, it will be exceptional.

adaestuo-tacent-semitae8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. The Abyss (Otchlan)
  2. Cicatrices Plexae (Scar-Braids)
  3. Destroyer of Constellations (Niszczycielem Gwiazdozbiorow)
  4. Tacent Semitae (Silent Paths)