Aceldama – Aceldama


Review by Tony Gaskin

It feels like it’s been a very long time in coming, but the latest release from hard rocking Brummies, Aceldama is nearly with us. I had the privilege a few weeks ago to play 3 tracks on my Unsigned and Underground Show on Midlands Rocks Radio and got to hear all the tracks live at the bands headline show at the Slade Rooms recently, so I knew what to expect.

This 7 track mini album sees the band expand on their heavy, melody laden songs, the writing seems slicker with composition and structure well thought out, evidence I think of a more mature outlook and a band that has become extremely focused on what they are doing.

Kicking off with the upbeat and very ‘Damaesque “I Am” you start to hear the subtle differences from their 2010 debut “Seduce, Decieve and Lead Astray”, an album which marked them out as ones to watch. Those differences I touched on at the start of this review, but there are more significant changes if you listen harder. The distinctive guitar sounds are still there that mark them out as Aceldama, but they don’t take over the album. The bass is given a chance to shine, giving the songs a much fuller and richer sound and Leannes vocals come across much clearer, you don’t feel that she’s having to fight over the guitars to make herself heard, plus I think she’s been working very hard at expanding her range and tone.

This is most evident on track 3 “Faith In Me”, which will be the first single off the album. It’s a powerful track that has the goose pimple effect when you first hear it. The guitars get their chance to shine though on “I Tried” with Dawzy and Ian playing some great riff combinations.

Complimenting the 6 new tracks here is a bonus track of the live favourite “Breakdown” which is stripped back and performed here as a beautiful piano/vocal track.

This release brings us the raw energy that we see in their live performances but it’s been polished up to a glossy finish, highly recommended.

Rating 9 out of 10

The album is due out mid May but you can pre-order by going onto the bands Pledge Music page at were there are lots of exclusive pre-order offers.