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The Midlands Rocks

Meet the team

Midlands Rocks LogoThe Midlands Rocks team is made up of a diverse bunch of talented people, dedicated to bringing you the best in Blues, Rock & Metal from across the Midlands region – and often further afield.

Some are career-path journalists, others keen enthusiasts but what they all have in common is they are all music fan’s who simply love to KEEP IT LOUD!

The Management

 Current contributors/reviewers/writers/photographers:

  • Alex Alicia Firth
  • Alexx Peace
  • Allen Jones
  • Angie K
  • Brian McGowan
  • Dan Perks
  • Dean Pedley
  • Debbie Gough
  • Gary Cordwell
  • Ian Savage
  • John Ellis
  • Lisa Billingham
  • Lulu Davenport
  • Mark Granger
  • Martin Stanyer
  • Nathan Daniel
  • Paul Castles
  • Paul Davis
  • Paul H Birch
  • Paul Quinton
  • Russ Tierney
  • Sophie Maughan
  • Stephen Brophy

Previous team members:

Samantha Knight, Paul Broome, Krish Mistry, Rachel Sloper, Ali Lewsley, William Harris, Matt Bradley, Chop, Dave Evans, Harry Patterson, Vee De Barre, Jack Arkell, John Bentley, Sam Bingham, Robert Baker, Greg Cadman, Kimberley Easton, Lucy Gliddon, Julian Handley, Carla Mundy, Rob Moody, Phil Wilson, Alaina Henderson, Hetty, John Coulson, Ian Harvey, Mark Bremner, Paul Chesworth, Michael Dodd, Andy Boden, Cath Gaskin, Brady Deeprose, Dan O’Brien, Jo Lloyd, Kristian Pugh, Russ Powney, Raymond Westland, Rob Billingham, Peter Keevil, Mazzy Snape, Mark ‘Tosh’ Davies, Lucy Thompson, Laura Patterson, Gary O’Brien.