Aborted + Dyscarnate + System Divide + Acrania + Lazarene @ The Vault, Rugby – Monday 19th August 2013


Review by Brady Deeprose

Aborted have been on the death/grind scene for as long as any band can hope for and are still touring relentlessly. Coming up on the 10 year anniversary of their breakthrough record, Goremageddon: The Saw and The Carnage Done, what better time for the Gomemageddon UK tour, with sets focused around the album that got them where they are.

AbortedOpening up were local death metal troupe Lazarene but due to unforeseen circumstances, I actually missed their set. The same goes for tour support Acrania, a UK deathcore group that I’m told didn’t go down quite as well as the openers on the evening.

System Divide however, I did catch, and it’s a good thing too. When most of Aborted took to the stage, there were many confused looks flying around the room but all disarray was forgotten when the bands brutal fusion of grind and melodic lines left no head un-banged. There are plenty of groups that try to combine the aggression of death metal with genuinely good female vocals and fail on one or both fronts, but the relatively underground System Divide have no such issues, giving a convincing performance to boot!

Metal Hammer have, in recent years, championed Dyscarnate, Horsham’s premier Oldschool Death Metal band. The three piece pack a surprising punch  on record but in the live setting, it didn’t quite translate. Tom and Henry combine their  vocal styles that separately, aren’t anything special, but when combined sounds absolutely ungodly (in the best possible way.) Having just the one guitar leaves the sound bereft of the depth two can achieve which for their very thrash influenced, simplistic DM is essential.

The main article, Aborted, took to the stage (again) with smiles all round. Despite their cheerful demeanour, they wasted no time in inciting some carnage, blasting through and hour or so of some of the most precise, technical grindcore these eyes have witnessed. Despite some clear attempts to put each other off, Aborted’s musicianship was flawless throughout; aided by the best sound I’ve ever heard at The Vault.

The set was a mixture of tracks from Goremageddon and their latest release, Global Flatline, arguably the bands best two albums. The stunning ‘The Origin Of Disease’ was a highlight for me, potentially one of the best tracks of its genre. The energy on stage was immense and the clear love and respect between the band members comes across through their performance, the fact that they can laugh and smile while delivering such ditties as ‘Fecal Forgery’ or ‘Sea Of Cartilage’ is just brilliant.

Aborted gave one of the best performances Rugby has seen in a long while and came across as genuine, charming individuals. There’s little more one could ask from an evening’s extreme metal! Be sure to catch them on one of their 4 UK dates supporting The Black Dahlia Murder late September.