A Whisper In The Noise – To Forget


Review by Jason Guest

The musical project of composer West Thordson, A Whisper In The Noise will be a new name to most (including this writer), but it’s definitely a name worth remembering. Having already produced five works, the first in 2002, how this one slipped by is anyone’s guess. According to the press release for this album, AWITN’s palette is composed of the sounds of Philip Glass, Eno, Roger Waters, and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt (yep, another name to check out) and the “powerful and atmospheric sounds of nature”. Abandoning guitars and heavy keyboard sounds doesn’t mean the album isn’t heavy. Its weight comes from the emotion that underpins every piano stroke, every softly swelling string, and every gently exalted breath.

Cinematic, atmospheric, ambient and richly textured, the album is slow-moving, as if a translucent fog descends and its secrets reveal themselves the deeper one sinks into its seductive silk. To experience this is bliss, strangely cathartic. It may appear desolate and the weight of the world may feel overwhelming, crippling even, but it’s meditative, contemplative, a pause. The production is phenomenal, the vocals tremendous, and the instrumentation astounding. The enjoyment of this album is in the reverberations, the echoes, the spaces between the lines, the penumbra around the piece. Stunning. To listen is to forget, to indulge, to let go. Simply put, this is beautiful.

9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. To Forget
  2. Black Shroud
  3. A Sea Estranging Us
  4. All My
  5. Sad Sad Song
  6. Every Blade Of Grass
  7. Mayas Song
  8. Your Hand
  9. Of This Sorrow

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