A Sad Farewell and a New Chapter for Midlands Rocks


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It is with great sadness we announce that site founder Peter Keevil will be standing down as Editor-In-Chief of the Midlands Rocks. Peter founded Midlands Rocks in 2009 and built up the site from our lowly beginnings as a Myspace Blog (who remembers that?!) to the well respected webzine we are today. He leaves us to pursue other opportunities, climb Everest, cure cancer and hopefully still contribute the occasional review for the Midlands Rocks!

Peter’s departure would have meant the end of Midlands Rocks, but after six years of hard work from all the team to make the site what it is today many of us were keen to keep the fire burning. So following Peter’s announcement to the admin team we organised an emergency team meeting to discuss the site’s future.

So the new chapter sees us moving forward under new management as the core admin team here at Midlands Rocks have taken co-ownership of the site and will share the burdens and responsibilities of its running. However the gap left by Peter needed filling and now Woody will take on the role of Editor-In-Chief, although from now on the new management will work in a co-operative and equal government. Woody is the longest serving member of the Midlands Rocks being one of Peter’s first recruits and has six years worth of experience with the core team.

It’s also great and I’m sure reassuring for our supporters that the seven man management team features four members who all started working for the site within its first six months of existence and the other three have all earnt their stripes in recent years dedicating many hours of time to the running of the site.

As we move forward our main aim is to keep our standards high and maintain what we already offer right now. There’s a lot of fire and passion in the team, so expect changes in certain things over the coming months, but hopefully we will remain as awesome as always!

I hope you all continue to support us in this exciting new chapter!

The Management


Rob Stanley

Jason Guest

Mark Lloyd

Sean Larkin

Rich Ward

Tony Gaskin



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