3 Parts Dead – EP


Review by Ian Savage 

Evolution’s a funny thing, isn’t it? You might have heard of a band called Pretty Little Suicide, an East Coast US rock crew with definite LA influences who’ve played with the likes of Motley Crue and Slash over the last five years or so, and seemed to be on the verge of hitting the mainstream.

It didn’t happen. Instead, the band have had what Hollywood like to refer to as a ‘reboot’, with personnel switches and a shift in sound towards the more commercial end of the spectrum – apparently enough of a change to warrant a rebranding. 3 Parts Dead feature a new vocalist and drummer in the form of Mike Patton (no, not that one) and Ramon Miquilena respectively, and are launching themselves with this EP.

It’s fair to say that it breaks about as much ground as an arthritic octogenarian well-digger. The band cite Velvet Revolver among their influences, and straight from the off ‘Feed’ comes across like a cast-off from ‘Contraband’, a reasonable ‘whoa-oh’ chorus hook floating in the sea of over-used guitar lines. The ‘whoa-oh’ re-emerges with less impact and an extra ‘oh’ on second tune ‘Party Never Ends’, and by the sub-‘Fall To Pieces’ ‘So Long Girl’ it’s all become slightly tiresome.

Slash may have missed pitch on a few solos occasionally, but Mike ‘Fitz’ Fitzback seems intent on making us all realise how much we miss him despite that. Closer ‘Tattooed Toy’ is Faster Pussycat’s ‘Bathroom Wall’ with an extra 20 bpm and added formulaic boredom, providing a welcome end to a frankly tiresome EP.

3 Parts Dead could easily be an excellent live act, in the same way that a Motley Crue or G’n’R tribute could – you know what to expect, you drink heavily and bounce around to music that you already know. This shouldn’t be what an original band’s about.

3 Parts Dead 20135 out of 10

Track listing: 

  1. Feed
  2. Party Never Ends
  3. Everything To You
  4. So Long Girl
  5. Tattoo’d Toy